Bangkok – noises and smells

People I know who have been to Bangkok before called it ‘crazy’, and that’s certainly the expectation that I had when I arrived.

I was impressed with the airport – anyone who travels often knows that some airports are the gateway to hell (United States, I’m looking at you). So it’s always pleasant when your experience is not too stressful and you can find everything you need. I found the platform for the Bangkok Sky Train and waited patiently, though an officially-dressed woman made full use of a whistle to tell people off for standing too close to the edge of the platform or not queuing properly in the right place. Little did I know this was an indication to come of how much Thai people like to blow whistles. Loudly.

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Hong Kong – land of the skyscrapers

I have had this blog set up for several years and this is my first post. I wasn’t going to do a ‘travel’ blog but several people said I should do one (ha ha! I see what you meant there), so here you go. You have been warned.

In case you don’t know the background, I accepted a voluntary severance package from my downsizing work last year. Large monetary packages were being offered to anyone wanting to go. Translation: please leave and take this large amount of money and don’t bother us for a while. With no job but a huge, fat bank account – what else would I do except go travelling for a while? I’d always had a long list of places I wanted to go to but never had the time or money. Here was the perfect opportunity.

For this next paragraph, please remove your tiny violin from its case and play it for a good ten minutes.

I suddenly had a problem that most people never encounter, save for the super rich. If you had lots of money and didn’t have to work for a while, where would you go? I was struck with a multitude of destinations, some close to home, some far away and exotic. People offered their own suggestions – Antarctica, South America, Canada, Alaska, Vietnam, Cambodia, Namibia. I could go anywhere I wanted, and unfortunately the number of options put me in limbo for a while. It was hard to narrow it down (you’re still playing that tiny violin, right?)

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