The Southwest Chief – Los Angeles to Chicago

Distance travelled: 924 miles (LA to Alburquerque), 1341 miles (Albuquerque to Chicago)

Journey duration: 18 hours (LA to Alb), 27 hours (Alb to Chicago)

States travelled through: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois


This turned out to be the most dramatic train journey of all, and I am not talking about the scenery. Well, kind of – but not the type of scenery you’re thinking of. More of that later, though.

The Chief was due to leave Los Angeles at 6pm, and I hoped for plenty of gorgeous sunset views as we sped through the Southern California desert towards Arizona. The scenery didn’t disappoint, and a crescent moon also adorned the sky later in the evening, though my ability to adequately capture it through the windows of a reasonably speedy train was somewhat limited. Continue reading